Equipment & Software

Solid Edge Design Software

Solid Edge is a 3D modeling software that, among other features, allows us to take your print or sketch and build a solid computer model. The benefits of this feature to you is the ability to look at the virtual part from all angles and to create assemblies using your parts to determine design feasibility.

MasterCam (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Software

MasterCam is a Computer Aided Manufacturing program that can take solid models, either yours or ones we create for you, and generate the thousands of commands needed to guide our CNC machines as they process your part. Making the part directly from your solid model ensures parts that meet your needs.

CNC Equipment

  • Okuma L1420 CNC Lathe – Our largest CNC lathe, the L1420 has the power to make quick work of your company’s machining needs.
  • Okuma Genos L400 CNC Lathe – Our newest lathe, the Genos gives us speeds that ensure the lowest possible machining times for your parts.
  • Okuma MV-4020 Machining Centers – Our MV-4020 machines are large enough to allow multiple parts to be loaded simultaneously. More parts equals shorter cycle times giving you the most cost effective parts.
  • Harrison Alpha CNC Lathe – The Alpha lathe gives us flexibility in part length and programming.
  • Gear Hobbing and Gear Shaping Equipment – Our Gear cutting equipment allows us to meet your gearing needs, whether it is for metric or standard, steel, nylon or brass.
  • Fabricating Equipment – Our welding equipment includes TIG, MIG, Oxy- acetylene and stick. We can weld both aluminum and steel items.

Mounted Ball Bearing Units

high quality gears & CONVEYORS