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When it comes to keeping you rolling. Industrial Machine and Supply started in the textile industry and we still send replacement parts all over the Southeast. Now, our customers make items like farm equipment, plastic bags, cranes, candy, winches for shrimp boats and vinyl siding. In fact, there’s a good chance we played a part in some products you use at home or work!

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Custom CNC Machining

Your Alabama CNC Machining Specialists

The CNC machining experts at Industrial Machine and Supply use cutting edge technology such as Solid Edge and MasterCam (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software to complete simple as well as the most complex CNC machining jobs. We specialize in producing prototypes and large quantities of machined parts.

Custom Gears

Your Alabama Custom Gear Specialists

Industrial Machine and Supply has been providing custom gear services to our clients for over forty years! Whether you need a large quantity of OEM gears or a single gear for repair purposes, Industrial Machine and Supply can help meet your gearing needs. Metric or standard, large or small, spur, helical, sprocket, silent chain or bevel gears made from a wide array of materials are available when you call us.